Effective yet Effortless Coaching Talk at Coach Retreat Spring 2017

I presented the "Effective yet Effortless Coaching" session at the Coach Retreat Spring 2017 event took place on March 25th, 2017. I explained The Simple Coaching Model to mostly Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters and other enthusiasts interested in learning and enhancing their coaching skills.

The Coach Retreat is an annual event focused on Coaching. It is usually a sold-out event due to the value it is providing for its participants, as expected the Spring 2017 edition was a sold-out event as well.

I had 45 minutes to present. We have gone through the model fast compared to what I had in mind. However, I included all the important information needed. The debriefs were short but to the point.

(Half of the) Audience of the "Effective yet Effortless" Coaching Session at Coach Retreat Spring 2017

The audience this time was smaller compared to my previous talk at Shopify. Thus, this time I talked to most of the participants personally and asked for their feedback (I also asked them to give me feedback through an online survey as always). The NPS score to the session was averaged at 8.5. The most retweeted and liked tweet for the GTACoachRetreat was about my talk, "Effective yet Effortless Coaching", by Daria. Based on these, I can easily conclude that the session was received well and the audience enjoyed it.

You can read more about The Simple Coaching Model @ http://www.simplecoachingmodel.com. I will keep it updated with the latest version of the model, more samples, and expansion of it.

AgileOntario Talk on Communities & Building Strong Ones

I spoke at AgileOntario meetup on March 11th alongside Ardita Karaj. The topic was "Building Communities".

This was a special event for the TAC community. It was its 3rd birthday, and on its birthday what a better topic than building a community.

Ardita talked about how the AgileOntario meetup shaped up, who was its original founders and how it evolved. Its success stories and its challenges alongside changing its direction.

I have talked about organizational communities and how to build a community within an organization, what is needed, what support structure should be there and even different structures of communities.

In the second half of the session, we facilitated an open conversation with the audience, discussed different experiences of each one being part of a community, building a community and benefits of it. At some point, we as a group was trying to mob-coach one person and help him build a community and overcome his challenges.

Effective yet Effortless Coaching Talk at Shopify

I introduced The Simple Coaching Model publicly, and for the first time, as part of delivering the "Effective Yet Effortless Coaching" session. The session was held at Shopify. I presented for an audience of more than 100 people. The audience consisted of Team Leads, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Project Managers.

Please head to my post on "The Simple Coaching Model" on my blog to learn more about the model and the session itself.
Audience at Effective yet Effortless Coaching Session, Just before the Talk
I have included some of the tweets from the session below. You can also learn more about the session through the comments and discussions on the event page.

The followings are the description, objectives, and outcomes of the talk.

Kanban Foundation and System Design (KMP I), LeanKanban

I attended "KMP I - Kanban Foundation and System Design" course in February 2017. I received "KMP" designation from LeanKanban University as a result of attending and successfully finishing the training.

LeanKanban is introducing their approach as the alternative path to agility.

If you are interested, this is how LeanKanban defines Kanban
Kanban is a method of organizing and managing professional services work.  It uses Lean concepts such as limiting work in progress to improve results. ...

You also can find more about the course and the program below or at the KMP program page.

AgileOntario Talk on Standardization & Processes

I spoke at the Agile Ontario Meetup on December 10th. I talked about standardization of practices and processes amongst teams and their affect on the organization, alongside with Fernando Cuenca.

We have talked two hours almost on that topic. We have touched many aspects related to the standardization, teams, and effects of it. As you might guess, it is not that narrow. You can have a look at all the topics we talked about at "Leading Conversation at AgileOntario about Standardization in Agile"

Fernando & I Talking about Standardization