Crucial Conversations

I attended "Crucial Conversations" course in May 2017 and completed it by taking an active part in the activities and presenting the new tools/techniques learned from the course. This course focuses on conversations and specifically when stakes are high and its foundations. This course is based on the "Crucial Conversations" book. It will give you different tools and techniques to use when talking to others.

Effective yet Effortless Coaching Talk at Agile Mississauga

I presented the "Effective yet Effortless Coaching" session at Agile Mississauga Meetup event which took place on April 5th, 2017. I presented The Simple Coaching Model V2.0. This was the first time presenting the V2.0 of The Simple Coaching Model. The changes made, compared to the V1.0 of the model, were based on the feedback received in previous sessions (i.e. Coach Retreat and Shopify); and it's mainly affected the "What's Next" phase.

It's About Them!
I really enjoyed presenting for the engaging audience. I also am very happy that the session received the NPR score of 82% (or 90% if you count 8s and higher as 1s and less as 0s); many thanks to those who provided feedback.

I am glad that I have presented Effective yet Effortless Coaching once more based on v2.0 of The Simple Coaching Model. It helped me meet new people, understand their perspectives and challenges with the coaching they had. I am really glad that a handful of experienced Agile Coaches were present at the session. Their feedbacks were very valuable for me, re-affirming the thought process I went through to come up with The Simple Coaching Model, and how to even expand it. The real challenge is how to make it Simple.

Socializing before session starts
I used 90 minutes with them to get the audience through different phases of The Simple Coaching Model through an interactive practice.

Practicing Simple Coaching Model
Agile Mississauga meetup is a group of more than 500 people of Agile Practitioners, Coaches, Scrum Masters, Developers, PMs, BAs, and others. You can see their members are practicing The Simple Coaching Model in a one on one setting.

Practicing Simple Coaching Model
You can see me facilitating in front and the audience practicing coaching, some of them even for the first time. The session was held at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre.

Audience of the Effective yet Effortless Coaching