Facilitation ≅ Coaching @ Scale Talk at Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour 2017 (GOAT 2017)

I presented at the Gatineau Ottawa Agile Tour 2017 (GOAT2017) on November 20th, 2017. I have presented on the topic of Facilitation and Coaching, and how they can benefit from each other at scale. The title of my talk was: Facilitation ≅ Coaching @ Scale. I have shared my thoughts and experiences on using techniques and skills of coaching when facilitating. I shared, for the first time, The Core Skills. The skills needed for anyone working with people, not only coaches or facilitators. I also shared for the first time the Facilitation Manifesto with the public audience.

You can find the slides shared below (as well as shared on Slideshare and Google).

The Core Skills introduction, you can find and use the figures on CoreSkills.

This is a sample of The Core Skills Indicator.

Presenting the Facilitation Manifesto to the audience.

Community-Driven Change Talk at AgileDC 2017

Shawn & I presented at AgileDC on October 16th, 2017. We have presented on the topic of Community and Change, and how a community can be the forces behind change: "Community-Driven Change". We have shared our thoughts and experiences on building communities, supporting them, helping them evolve, letting go of them. We have looked at it from many levels of organizations, such as management, leadership and members.

I have embedded the slides from AgileDC below (Google & Slideshare).

It is important to mention the Lifecycle of a Community, presented for the first time at AgileDC 2017 below.