It All Starts with a Question, a Powerful One - Big Apple Scrum Day 2019

I was fortunate to be among the 14 selected sessions out of 127 to speak at Big Apple Scrum Day in May of 2019. It was a sold out event ran by the great community of New Yorkers, for the community.  I presented a topic that is very close to me. The title of the talk was "It All Starts with a Question, a Powerful One".

My talk was scheduled right after the keynote speaker: Gitte .She talked about "Are you brave enough to be Agile?" My talk was at "Penne south", a room that could fill in 100 people. I was so humbled that I saw it packed.

The feedback for the session was awesome, people find it both valuable and fun. You can see the fun and value part of it below. 

You can find the talk abstract below.