It All Starts With a Question, a Powerful One! - Toronto Agile Conference 2019

It was a great experience and an honor to present for the audience of Toronto Agile Conference 2019. My talk was on powerful questions, a continuation of what I presented at Big Apple Scrum Day. I changed it to address the requirements of the conference, the layout of the room and based on the feedback received from BASD.

I really enjoyed the talk myself. It was great to see the full house, and some even were standing in a huge room of 205 ABC at Beanfield Centre (200+). There were 100+ feedback form collected. That for itself is a great feedback.

Update Jan 2020: Just got the feedback on my "Powerful Question", 90 people to start, 100 to end with, an average of 8.5/10 point. Thanks Toronto Agile Community for having me. It is still an epic day for me to remember, thanks for those who showed up, provided feedback, organizers and volunteers!

It was amazing also to meet David Marquet in person. We got to talk at the speaker dinner the night before the event. It happened that he is touching on the powerful question topic in his keynote. And it was so amazing that he referred to my session in the keynote for people wanting to learn more about Powerful Questions.